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Foundation Paper Piecing Patterns. Modern Quilt Block Patterns:  Designed with care, so you can create with love. Quilt ideas for children, Kids Quilts, Quilt Block patterns, Patchwork patterns for fun quilts.

Foundation Paper Pieced Patterns

Modern Quilt Block Patterns:

Designed with care, so you can create with love

paper pieced quilt patterns, foundation paper piecing, learn foundation piecing, beautiful quilt patterns, quilt ideas for children, patchwork ideas for kids.

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Baby Chick Paper Pieced Pattern
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Baby Chicken Quilt Block Pattern

Block sizes included: 5" and 6" (left and right facing templates are included for both sizes)
Difficulty: Medium / Confident Beginner.

A separate file with a foundation paper piecing tutorial is also included for beginners!

This quilt pattern includes easy to follow instructions, so that you can easily construct the quilt block.

My patterns are designed to be user friendly and include:
 - Colour foundation templates for easy fabric placement
 - 1/4" seam allowances on all templates.
 - Easy to understand instructions and a beginner guide to paper piecing
 - Diagrams to assist you constructing your quilt block and putting the foundation templates together.
 - No Y seams or curves
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (974KB)

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The Patch is a new Club for foundation paper piecing quilt blocks. With fun sampler quilt blocks and tutorials for beginners. Plus members get to join a new quilting club and meet members online from all over the world! Learn foundation paper piecing or i
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'The Patch!' is a foundation paper piecing block of the month (BOM) club. Each year there is a new sampler quilt to sew and new blocks are released once a month.In 2022, members of ‘The Patch!’ will make a sampler quilt called ‘Veggie Patch’....
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Nine awesome (and totally free) paper pieced quilt patterns that beginners could make! The picture shows the Free Bumble Bee Pattern by Kohatu Patterns
Nine Awesome Foundation Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns that are Free!
When it comes to foundation pieced quilt blocks, I’m a bit of an addict. I just love creating pictures with fabric, and knowing I can get a really accurate result when I use a foundation template. Of course I also love to encourage others to give F...
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Patchwork Tutorial to turn a Scrappy Umbrella Paper Pieced quilt block into a Pin Cushion. Simple Sewing tutorial to make your own pin cushion. Patchwork sewing lesson.
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