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Super Simple Pin Cushion - Sewing Tutorial!

I love Pin Cushions almost as much as I love paper piecing. I’ve made quite a few of them in my time. They are fun gifts for your friends who enjoy quilting or sewing, plus it’s great to have a few different ones in the sewing room. I have one for my sewing desk, one for the ironing board and a small one for my travel bag so I can sew on the go! 

If you are new to sewing or just looking for a cute way to use an orphan quilt block then you might enjoy reading how to make this super simple (but oh so cute) pin cushion!

To make your own simple Pin Cushion you will need Pins, Scissors, Quilting Fabric, Soft Fill or Scraps of Quilt Batting, Needle and Thread. I have used a 6” Quilt Block and a 7” square of scrap fabric for my own pin cushion.

You will need: 

  • A quilt block between 6” and 9” square. I used my Scrappy Umbrella Pattern, but your could use any Orphan Quilt Block, or even a scrap of fabric.
  • A square scrap of fabric which is 1” larger than your quilt block on all sides. 
  • Pins, Thread, Needle, Sewing Machine and Scissors (or your Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat).
  • Stuffing/Soft Fill or scraps of quilt batting

Use your Iron to press your quilt block and fabric. If you need tips for pressing, click here to check out my tips for pressing quilt blocks.

Place the scrap of plain fabric right side up on a flat surface.

Scrap of fabric right side up and place the foundation paper pieced quilt block right side down on top.

Next place your quilt block right side down on the top of your scrap fabric.

Pin the quilt block and back fabric together securely and trim the excess fabric away:

Simple Pin Cushion Tutorial. The next step is to pin the quilt block together with the scrap fabric and trim off excess fabric

Next you need to use a pencil to mark a 3” gap on one side of the pin cushion:

Use a Quilting Ruler and a Pencil to mark a 3” gap on one side of the Quilt Block. This will be your gap for turning and stuffing your DIY Pin Cushion.

Using a 1/4” seam, sew around the edge of the square, make sure to leave a 3” gap on one side as shown by the dotted lines in the picture below:

Sew around the edge of the paper pieced quilt block leaving a 1/4” seam allowance and ensuring you leaving a gap for turning right side out!

Turn the fabrics right side out by pushing the fabric through the 3” gap. Use a Chop Stick or Quilt Turning Tool to push the corners out:

Turn your Handmade Pin Cushion right side out using the 3” gap you left when sewing the seam allowance.

Next use your stuffing or quilt batting scraps to fill the inside of the cushion until it is medium-firm to touch. I like to use small scraps of batting for my pin cushions to reduce waste:

After you have turned your new Pin Cushion right side out, you need to stuff it. Use the gap to fill it with Soft Fill or Batting Scraps.

Turn the seam allowance into the gap and Sew the gap closed with a simple ladder stitch:

The final step in this easy pin Cushion Tutorial is to sew the remaining gap closed using a needle and thread. Now your Pin Cushion is ready to use in your sewing room while you undertake your next patchwork project!

Now your cute new pin cushion is ready to use! I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and enjoy your next patchwork project with a new Pin Cushion to brighten up your sewing room or to gift to a sewing or quilting friend!

A Foundation paper pieced Quilt Block has been turned into a pin cushion. Scrappy Quilt Block, Umbrella Quilt Block, DIY Pin Cushion, Orphan Quilt Block, Sewing Project, Patchwork Quilting.

Happy Quilting, Rachel

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