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How to make Quilt Block Hoop Art.

Lately I have been having lots of fun making Hoop-Art from some of the Orphan quilt blocks in my sewing room (I have more than a few to choose from). Hoop-Art is surprisingly easy to make and is also makes a lovely handmade gift or wall hanging.

For my Hoop-Art I used a quilt block I made using my paper pieced Broken Heart quilt block pattern, although you can use any orphan quilt block from your stash, or even create a new one. Quilt block Hoop Art also looks great with geometric blocks too.

Making hoop art with an orphan quilt block is really easy. You will need A Quilt Block, Embroidery Hoop, Fabric Glue, Pencil, Scissors and some Felt for backing the hoop art.What you will need:

An embroidery hoop that is at least 1/2” smaller than your chosen quilt block.

Fabric Glue (or a glue gun)

Pencil and Scissors

OPTIONAL: A piece of embroidery or craft felt (at least the same size as your embroidery hoop or bigger)

Loosen the screw at the top of the embroidery hoop and remove the inside hoop. Place the outer hoop to one side.

Before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to get your hoop backing ready - adhering a backing is optional and depends entirely on your own preference and if you have felt available. If you do wish to adhere a backing, then it’s a good idea to trace your circle before you do anything else. 

Place your inner hoop on top of your piece of felt. Use a pencil to trace around the outer edge of the hoop, Then cut along the line to make your felt circle for the backing of your hoop art. Put the felt circle to the side for now.

Use a fabric pencil to trace a circle around the outside of one of the embroidery hoops. Once you have cut out the circle this will be the backing for your quilt block hoop art.

Hold the inside hoop and carefully add a small bead of glue to the outer edges of the hoop (don’t overdo it- only a tiny amount is needed here) and then place the hoop on a flat surface.

Carefully glue the edge of the inner embroidery hoop so that your fabric will stick to the edge.

Next, centre your completed quilt block on the hoop, ensuring the quilt block over hangs the edge by at least 1/4” on all sides and push it down so that the fabric is in contact with the glue on the sides of the hoop:

Push the quilt block fabric around the sides of the embroidery hoop so that it comes in contact with the glue.

Carefully slide the outer hoop over the quilt block and inner hoop and ensure that the fabric is pulled tight and flat as you slide the hoop on and the screw is at the top of your quilt block. Tighten the hoop with the screw.

Push the outer hoop over the fabric and ensure it is pulled tight and the quilt block is centred in your hoop.

Using pinking shears or scissors, trim away the desired excess fabric from the back of the hoop. 

Now it’s time to adhere the backing to your hoop art. Place the hoop art face down on a flat surface and apply glue to the back edge of the inner hoop, tucking and tidying any fabric over as you go.

Apply glue to the back edge of the embroidery hoop and tuck the excess fabric over the hoop so it is in contact with the glue.

A small bead around the inner hoop edge should be adequate, however you may also need a little extra glue atop the fabric if you have pressed it over the edge.. 

A felt backing on your quilt block hoop art will give your Hoop Art a lovely finished look.

Take your felt circle and carefully place the circle on top of the glue and smooth it down around the edge, ensuring that the entire edge of the inner hoop has been covered by felt and you are done! You just made a beautiful piece of Quilt Hoop Art!

Now you have a beautiful piece of art from your orphan quilt block!

These quilt hoop-art pieces can be made with almost any quilt block you like and they make awesome handmade gifts.

Happy Quilting, Rachel

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