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The Patch! More than a Quilt Block of the Month Club!

'The Patch!' is a foundation paper piecing block of the month (BOM) club. Each year there is a new sampler quilt to sew and new blocks are released once a month.

A Patchwork club with a difference. The Patch is more than just a Block of the month club for paper pieced quilt blocks, it is also a community. As a member you get access to a private group and can meet people from around the globe, make friends and improve your paper piecing skills!

In 2022, members of ‘The Patch!’ will make a sampler quilt called ‘Veggie Patch’. The quilt blocks in ‘Veggie Patch’ are inspired by things you would find in a Vegetable Garden. Patchwork patterns include things such as Carrots, Turnips, Tomatoes, and even a foundation paper pieced Wheelbarrow quilt block:

A Garden Themed Sampler quilt, flower quilt blocks, carrot quilt pattern, herb pot quilt block, wheelbarrow patchwork patterns, pumpkin quilt patterns and more! All these quilt blocks are made using foundation paper piecing, and a new block is released each month to members of ‘The Patch!’

One of the most fun things about joining 'The Patch!' is getting access to the private (member-only) Facebook group where you can ask questions, show off your latest foundation paper pieced patchwork projects (even the ones that aren’t from 'The Patch!'), ask questions and get advice.

The community is a lovely group which includes quilters with a range of paper piecing skills, from complete beginners through to those with years of experience in foundation pieced quilts. Plus a little birdy told me there is going to be a couple of video tutorials for beginners (OK - in all fairness, the birdy was me - and the first one may have already been filmed), so if you have been considering learning how foundation paper piecing works and are keen to give it a go, then 'The Patch!' is a great place to start learning. 

Quilters can learn foundation paper piecing and make a cute garden quilt when you join ‘The Patch!’. Each block builds on the skills you learn along the way so by the end of the year you will be confident in tackling even the trickiest paper pieced quilt projects.

Additionally the blocks from the 2022 quilt ‘Veggie Patch’ will gradually introduce you to new paper piecing skills like how to manage point matching across templates, small pieces, and for that matter, large piecing too! All of the patterns, videos, tutorials and 'The Patch!' community are based online, so regardless of where you live you can be part of the fun. Plus you get to make friends with like-minded quilters from all over the world!

Its hard to pick a favourite among so many super cute quilt blocks in this years Sampler Quilt ‘Veggie Patch’, and I’m sure I will be making some of these blocks more than once. One of the things I really love about Sampler Quilts is how versatile the blocks are.

This patchwork club is open to quilters of all skill levels. This flower pot quilt pattern is just one of the quilt blocks in this years sampler quilt. Making a sampler quilt is a great opportunity to use up fabric scraps or a beautiful collection of fat eights!

A sampler quilt design is flexible and you have the ability to change them to suit your tastes. In 2022 the Sampler Quilt is called ‘Veggie Patch’, however if you just want to sew one or two blocks and put them into another project or several small projects - go for it! Essentially the idea behind a sampler quilt is that there aren’t any hard and fast rules when putting the quilt together. 

Just make sure you pop by the Facebook group and show us a photo when you are done, because we want to ooh and ahh over your work. 

Pretty Stacked Pots Quilt Block. Made using quilting scraps. Foundation paper pieced quilt block. How to foundation paper piece video tutorial

If you are ready to learn or improve your foundation paper piecing skills and make beautiful foundation paper pieced quilt blocks, click here to sign up and join us in ‘The Patch!’ We look forward to welcoming you to the community!

Happy Quilting, Rachel