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A Fail-Proof Method of Paper Piecing Angles

As an avid fan of paper pieced quilts I have learned a few tricks over the years. one of the most useful tricks is knowing how to ensure that the scrap of fabric I choose will cover the intended section entirely.

This is especially relevant when the template has an angle to content with, in fact, several people have told me that the reason they aren’t a fan of paper piecing is because piecing angles are too difficult and they feel like it wastes a lot of fabric. However there is a very simple technique that you can use when piecing an angle that makes it easy, and actually very scrap-friendly!

Paper pieced Scrappy Mini quilt pattern. The quilt top has a Rainbow theme and is made of fabric scraps from my stash.

As I was working on my Shine Table Runner Pattern, I realised that the foundation paper pieced block I was using for the pattern was the perfect block to demonstrate this simple technique. Here’s how it is done:

If you are foundation paper piecing an angle and you aren’t sure if the fabric scrap you have will cover the area completely follow these steps:

Adding fabrics and using your scraps to do foundation paper piecing is easier than you think with these easy steps

1. Fold the paper back along the line. 

Fold the paper back along the line you want to sew next.

2. Trim your seam allowance:

Trim the fabric you have already sewn so that you have a tidy 1/4 inch seam allowance.

3. Place your fabric scrap down with the Right Side Up.

When the paper is folded back you can see that your scrap of quilt fabric is going to cover the entire section.

4. Put the template on top of the fabric and check it covers all of the section while the paper is still folded back. Fold the paper back (careful not to move the fabric or template) and pin in place.

Fold the paper straight again and pin the fabric securely in place. Then stitch along the line.

5. Sew the fabric in place along the line.

6. Press the seam open and notice how your fabric flips back and covers the section you wanted it to!

Flip you fabric back and it will cover the section. Trim your block and it’s ready for your project!

As you can see from the photos, by using this technique when I sewed the fabric in place and flipped it back, it entirely covered the section that I wanted it to. The best part is that using this trick works for ANY angle when you are paper piecing, which means it makes it a lot easier to make scrappy blocks and picture blocks.

The Shine Table Runner Pattern will be available on the blog soon. In the meantime you can practice this technique on any paper pieced quilt block that has an angle!

Happy Quilting, Rachel