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Nine Awesome Foundation Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns that are Free!

When it comes to foundation pieced quilt blocks, I’m a bit of an addict. I just love creating pictures with fabric, and knowing I can get a really accurate result when I use a foundation template. Of course I also love to encourage others to give Foundation Paper Piecing a go because I think it’s a heap of fun, but if you aren’t ready to commit to buying a pattern yet, there are plenty of free patterns to choose from too! So I decided to round up the best (free) foundation paper pieced quilt patterns, and most of them are perfect for beginners too!

Check out these simple free quilt patterns from some of my fellow designers (all shared with their permission):

If you are new to paper piecing, the Kite Quilt pattern from Flying Parrot Quilts would be a great pattern to learn on. It’s a pretty geometric block and set with some negative space it shows of those beautiful fabrics nicely!

The Kite Quilt is a great pattern for beginners who want to learn foundation paper piecing

Ok, so there’s a little bit of appliqué, but I know the kids will love the Crayon Box pattern by Slice of Pi Quilts. It’s another foundation paper pieced quilt block that would be great for a beginner to try, plus who doesn’t love a little bit of rainbow! You could definitely have fun using up some fabric scraps with this pattern:

Combined appliqué and foundation pieced quilt block. The Crayon Box pattern is one that children will enjoy.

Of course, if you love flowers you probably won’t want to go past the Anzac Poppy Pattern which is free from Kohatu Patterns. Plus it’s a great pattern to use if you are wanting to make a quilt for a veteran, or the local Returned Services League:

This Poppy Flower Quilt Block Pattern is free from the Kohatu Patterns Website.

This one is Scrap Friendly - the Scrap Flower quilt pattern by ‘On Williams Street’ is a simple and cute way to use up some of the scraps you have in your stash.

And what’s else do you need when you are making paper pieced flowers? Bumble Bees of course! Make sure you get your copy of my Free Bee pattern:

This cute Bumble Bee Pattern is a gift from me to you when you sign up to my email newsletter. Each month I will send you a newsletter packed with quilting tips, fun new paper pieced patterns and more inspiration!

If you are looking for something more geometric, Teresa Down Under has this free video tutorial to make a scrappy wedding ring quilt block.

Speaking of geometric Always Expect Moore has a cute North Star quilt block, plus a bonus foundation paper piecing video tutorial if you are wanting to learn the best ever patchwork technique!

Always Expect Moore Quilts has this beautiful pattern you can make and a video tutorial that goes with it too!

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous you might like to try the Pocket Economy block by KidGiddy. This one is a fun twist on a traditional geometric block and even has a little pocket that gives the block an interesting texture!

This cute paper pieced economy quilt block is a fun modern twist on a traditional quilt block!

The Modern Fox Block by Craft Towards Joy is a cute block to make if you are an animal lover and if you are feeling really adventurous then it can become a geometric quilt pattern too!

This cute foundation paper pieced fox quilt pattern is completely free! But it’s also able to be turned into a fun geometric quilt pattern too!

Hopefully these awesome paper pieced quilt patterns have helped to inspire you to make your next project. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you have made any of these patterns!

Happy Quilting, Rachel