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Quilting Adventures: From Ironing Neglect to Creative Triumph

Greetings, fellow fabric aficionados! Ah, what a whirlwind month it's been. But hold that thought before you conjure an image of me dutifully pressing my husband's work shirts. Let's set the record straight – those shirts? They're currently on the back burner. Instead, I've been immersing myself in a project that's been simmering in my creative cauldron: a marvelous table runner!

Free Bumble Bee Sewing Pattern and a Beehive sewing pattern

Ah, this table runner? It's been lounging on my to-do list for eons. I've harbored grand visions for it, yet it perennially played second fiddle to more urgent matters (cue the towering laundry heap, pleading for my attention). I confess I can be a touch scatterbrained with my quilting endeavors. Those who've been tracking my quilting odyssey, will recognize my tendency to dart from one project to another, leaving a trail of half-finished creations in my wake. But fret not, dear comrades, for I'm embarking on a mission to rectify this wandering quilter's course.

A picture of a completed flimsy quilt about to be basted and stitched together.

Armed with resolve in my soul and a sparkle in my gaze, I resolved to conquer my table runner using none other than my faithful Free-Bee! Pattern (if you're not yet part of the hive, what's the buzz? Click here and join us - it's fun!) paired with my long-awaited Beehive Pattern. Ah, yes – that elusive Beehive Quilt Block, gathering dust on my design table for what seemed like centuries. But guess what? I rallied, brushed off the cobwebs, added those final flourishes, and presto! A masterpiece emerged from the shadows:

Bees and Beehive Table Runner Pattern.

And that's not all, folks. In between school holidays and wrangling two energetic kids, I've somehow found the time to dive into designing more fabric and dreaming up even more new quilt patterns. Who knew that amidst the chaos of daily life, there lies a treasure trove of creative inspiration waiting to be uncovered?

Yep, I'm running around, trophy aloft, feeling like I just won the quilting Olympics! This achievement deserves a victory lap around the sewing room. Here's to embracing the whirlwind of creativity, conquering procrastination, and turning neglected ironing into triumphs in the quilting arena.

Until next time, keep stitching and keep dreaming!

Happy Quilting, Rachel