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From Quilting Dreams to Fabric Fantasies: Unveiling 'Sweet Spells'—My Bewitching New Fabric Collection

Hello, my fellow fabric fanatics and lovers of all things stitchy! Gather 'round the proverbial cauldron as I regale you with tales from the land of needles and threads. Picture this: amidst a sea of bubble wrap and the chaotic ballet of boxes—each one with a mischievous mind of its own—I found myself transported to a world brimming with ghosts, ghouls, and gobs of fabric goodness. Yes, my friends, the specter of Halloween quilting projects haunted me before my recent moving adventure began, and I embraced it with open arms, or should I say, eager needles?

While the northern hemisphere basked in the lazy, golden afternoons of summer, here in the southern hemisphere, where autumn was in full swing, I found myself ensconced in a delightful danse macabre with my existing quilt patterns. My sewing machine hummed a tune as a witches' brew of creativity bubbled within. Oh, the thrill of eerie enchantment! I was utterly enraptured by the spooky spirit. It wasn't just about dabbling in a few fun projects; oh no, my quilting coven—I went full throttle into the twilight zone creating a new Cushion Cover Pattern I'm calling Charm Weaver:

A home sewn Halloween themed pillow cover with a Spider, Cauldron, Bat and Witch's hat paper pieced quilt block on the front.

You see, the call of Halloween was too strong to resist. It didn't just whisper in my ear; it howled like a werewolf under a full moon. Thus, I also decided to launch a Halloween-themed sew-along this September. Yes, you heard that right! We'll embark on this bewitching journey together, crafting hauntingly beautiful Charm Weaver Pattern and reveling in the camaraderie of fellow stitchers. Stay tuned for the cryptic details in a future missive—let's just say, it's going to be fa-boo-lous! Click here to sign up to my email list and be in the know for all the juicy deets!

But, as if that wasn't enough to get your broomsticks in a twist, I conjured up something truly magical: an entire Halloween fabric collection. Enter 'Sweet Spells,' my latest labor of love, now live and ready for your perusal on Spoonflower. Imagine fabrics adorned with whimsical flying witches, plucky enchanted pumpkins, Webs of Whimsy and sugar-filled sweeties—all designed to make your quilting projects as charmingly sweet as a moonlit night in a pumpkin patch.

Cute and quirky halloween fabric designs for quilting and sewing,

I even created a mock-up to show how some of these fabrics would look as part of the Charm Weaver Pattern:

This is a digital mockup showing how my new fabric collection 'Sweet Spells' could be used in the cushion cover pattern I recently designed.

Isn’t it simply boo-tiful? Whether you’re planning to whip up a cozy quilt for a chilly autumn evening or create a spellbinding table runner for your haunted halls, ‘Sweet Spells’ has got you covered. Each piece in the collection is designed to add a pinch of charm and a dash of mischief to your quilting or sewing endeavors.

So, dust off your cauldrons and get your spells (or sewing kits) ready. The season of spook-tacular creations is creeping up on us, and I couldn’t be more excited to stitch up some ghostly delights with all of you. Head on over to Spoonflower to take a gander at 'Sweet Spells', and prepare to be enchanted!

Until next time, keep your needles sharp, your bobbins full, and your projects ever so delightfully spooky!

Happy Quilting, Rachel